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Angela Adams

How Do I Behave?

I've been following a podcast series called Being Boss for a few months now. Being Boss  aims to help creative professionals and entrepreneurs infuse their daily hustle with a bit more creativity. The podcast reminds me that there's more to my work day than putting out fires and inspires me to imagine and implement creative solutions to the challenges I face. I must admit, I do a 15-second-in-chair happy dance when the podcast announcement finds me on Tuesday mornings.

In today's issue (promoting their podcast on self-care), they ask:

When do you feel physically healthy and most alive?

What’s the most luxurious thing you like to do for your body?

What kinds of conversations are the most stimulating for you? And with whom?

Describe how you behave when you feel good? 

How many hours do you want to work?

Where will you seek help first?

That fourth question really stood out to me - how do I behave when I feel good. Or, how do I work when I feel good?  

The answer surprised me:  I shake things up! When I'm feeling good in this body and brain, I make space in my day to do something unexpected!

At work this might manifest in the form of new questions for our Daily Stand Ups, planning to achieve a new goal, setting incentives and starting contests, producing brand spankin' new analytics, starting a Stress-Relief Week, or sending silly appreciation gifts. At home this might mean picking the kids up early to head to the pool, writing a poem, taking a Coursera course, or trying a new herbal remedy recipe. For my volunteer engagements I might write a blog post, stay up late to set up a new donation platform, or write a vision proposal for my intentional community to consider. When I feel good, I am motivated to be authentic and creative, learn, serve others, and connect in meaningful ways. I'm motivated to disrupt and innovate.

When I am not doing so great I tend to go head-down and focus on the list, just plugging along getting things done. I go from work chores to home chores to community chores with nary a spare moment to create, dream, learn, or question the status quo. If I'm spending too many days without spicing things up a little, chances are that I'm not A-OK in my body and brain. The fix?  Engaging my body and brain in feeling fully alive. This usually means getting outside, getting in water, or getting creative!

What about you?

How do you behave when you feel good?

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